Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson

I first heard of Brandon Sanderson soon after he was given the task of finishing Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time saga. I doubted anyone could finish the series and maintain a similar voice to Jordan's, let alone continue the story as well as Jordan had, but I hoped for the best. After reading … Continue reading

Save the Cat – Blake Snyder

Probably the best book I've ever come across on the subject of structure, Save the Cat is the book you need if you want to write fiction of any variety. Although  designed as a tool for scriptwriters, most of the information works just as well for novels, and a lot of it could, and probably … Continue reading

The Steel Remains – Richard Morgan

A friend told me Richard Morgan's books were difficult to put down, and as Altered Carbon had given Morgan a huge fan-base (though I still haven't read it), I figured I'd rock up at a book signing and grab a copy of his latest novel, The Steel Remains. I met Morgan at the Gaslight Bookshop in … Continue reading