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For a long time I focused on the one novel I desperately wanted published, and eventually came to the conclusion that my best shot at publication was to write a lot of novels and get them all out into the world.

Transcendence of Power: Quarry

When assassins attack Princess Caroline, she learns the Gods are vying for power, and the Goddess of Healing wants Caroline to champion her cause and build an empire. Her Gods-granted destiny comes with a price however – she cannot ascend the throne unless her father and siblings die.

As the war between Gods escalates, to survive she is forced to rely on the trust she places in her friends – and the curse that’s slowly destroying her humanity. To save herself and everyone she cares about, she will have to outwit her enemies, her father, and even the Gods.

“I finished Transcendence of Power yesterday, wow what a fantastic read. This is a solid story with engaging characters and many intriguing plot twists and turns all over the place. The scale of this story is massive and filled with diverse characters motivated by an array of different things plus the direct and indirect influences of the Gods.” …Jason Gale

Transcendence of Power: Quarry has been shortlisted in two novel development programs, and will soon be published by Satalyte Publishing.



Epicentre is the story of a reluctant mermaid faced with a big problem: if she doesn’t drown someone, and soon, she’ll die. Her reluctance to kill turns into a fight for the survival of her entire species, and only she can win it.

I’m currently editing Epicentre, although it’s on hold while I polish Transcendence of Power in preparation for publication.

Through The Veil: Welcome to Earth

The first draft is complete! The premise: A warrior princess from another universe unexpectedly falls for a human boy while hunting the shapechanger that murdered her parents. Essentially, Sellendria (the warrior princess) comes to Earth and runs directly into her soulmate. Unfortunately for her, he’s human. What’s worse, there’s someone trying to kill her, putting them both in serious danger.

Lost in Darkness

Set nearly a century before the events of Transcendence of Power: Quarry, Lost in Darkness is the story of an orphan girl almost entirely blinded as a child while escaping the overthrow of her home city. She is taken as a slave and carted off to live with the faspane, where she grows into a young woman determined not to let fate choose her course for her. As she grows she gains the favour of an old bladesmaster, and under his secret tutelage masters the art of the blade.

All is not well, however, as the Lord’s son is jealous of the attention and affection she receives. He will do everything he can to keep her in her place and control her.

Leviathan’s Reach

Currently being written, this novella (which could quite easily turn into a novel) is set three thousand years before the events of Transcendence of Power: Quarry. It’s about a young girl, who’s home city and family are under threat by the Empress and her privileged envoy, who demand more from the city and its people than they have. She finds sanctuary within the temple of the God of War, where she does her best to help her people with devastating consequences.

Short Stories

I don’t write many short stories for a whole bunch of reasons, but what I have written I’ve really enjoyed.

Wyvern’s Blood

Wyvern’s Blood is the first short story I had published. I wrote it in response to the CSFG anthology Nor of Human (where it was published), and I’m still proud of it. It was drawn from (and explored) a concept in the novel I was writing at the time (Power of Ages – now broken into two novels), and features a young girl who draws the short straw to be sacrificed to a dragon. Of course, that’s just the beginning.

Saving the Unicorn

Saving the Unicorn is a short story that came about during a weekly writing challenge. I had to keep it under 500 words – AntipodeanSF’s requirements for publishing. It feels a little clunky now – if I was going to edit it now I’d probably smooth it out considerably and make it flow better.

Merrie Dawn

I struggled with Merrie Dawn for a long time, trying to find the story in the concept. It’s about a man trying to find a medical cure for his sick child, and the search for the cure leads him to a brothel (of all places). It was published in the anthology Elsewhere. I’ve lost the digital copy, so will have to re-type it before posting it here.

In Need of Assistance

This short story was published in the anthology Winds of Change, and follows the desperate attempts of a man trying to get his badly damaged spaceship to a safe port following a pirate attack. I’ll post it sometime in the future. It’s still too ‘freshly-published’ at the moment.

Faerie Blues

I wrote Faerie Blues in a moment of whimsy, and it was published on Antipodean SF shortly thereafter. It’s the story of two young boys who capture a faerie and get more than they were expecting.


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