No problem? Big problem!

When your story lacks a problem If you’re an avid reader you’ve probably found yourself halfway through a book or even approaching the end without any idea where the story’s going. The cause could be that the story doesn’t have a main problem (or a strong enough problem). Imagine how … Continue reading

Taking feedback is never fun

A long time ago in a galaxy called the Milky Way, a young teenager decided to write a book. What he really wanted to be was Luke Skywalker, but that didn't seem any more likely than being Superman or Peter Pan, the runners-up. He probably wasn't even cut out to be a stormtrooper. But when it … Continue reading

Story planning and creation: Names

I find searching for the right name for a character, place or anything else I've created in a story about as much fun as seasickness. Running through options to find the right name for an important character can suck up a lot of time, but the right name can add a whole new dimension to a story. I … Continue reading

Dropped balls

It looks like I've dropped the ball this year as far as writing goes (not to mention maintaining this blog). Up until late last year I was working part-time which allowed me plenty of time to write, run my editing business, interact on social media, and blog. Since then I've been working full … Continue reading

Update on the writing side of life

I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. Slack. Very slack. In my defence I'm working full-time, editing and assessing manuscripts many evenings, and trying to fit a life in around that, including training to do the Kokoda Track next month. I haven't written or edited my own work in … Continue reading