It’s time for a new look

Screenshot of this blogWhile the standard look and feel for this blog’s current theme grabbed me when I first saw it, I’m a little over it now.

Actually, I’m a lot over it.

I’m looking for something a little simpler and cleaner.

If you’ve got any suggestions for a nice, easy-to-setup, WordPress theme that doesn’t annoyingly hyphenate words all the time, I’d love to hear it.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section, or else can contact me via the social media buttons on this page. There’s also a “contact me” item in the drop down menu under “About Me”.


4 thoughts on “It’s time for a new look

  1. Chris, my suggestion is dark dark dark since I’m basically blind and spend a lot of time in the basement. In fact I use a script to convert every web site I look at the same way, including yours.

    Good luck, Steve

    • Thanks Steve. I really try to make my online presence as accessible as possible with alt text etc, and themes that allow for end-user adjustment. I used to work with a guy who must have had a similar problem to you. His screen was always set in the most eye-watering (to me) combinations of blacks and purples and similar dark shades, but it was the only way he could see things.

      • Maybe that’s why no-one visits my site. Hold on … it might have something to do with only posting on leap days. I did read your very sound advice on making use of social media. Unfortunately that was all I did :-).

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