Writing Update – I might self-publish my novel

Book cover: Prophecy of Power - quarry, featuring a woman in a dress and a man in leather gear.Okay, I’ve been a bit slack here lately – but I’ve got an excuse. Several, actually.

Firstly, I’ve been writing (rewriting) the sequel to Prophecy of Power: Quarry, as well as another project.

Secondly, I’ve written two guest blog posts – the first has just gone live on the wonderful Jen Christopherson’s website – a Q&A. The other will go up in a few weeks or so (I’ll post the link when it’s available).

Thirdly, I’m preparing for the possibility of self-publishing. As part of that I’ve been playing with covers and have uploaded my epic fantasy novel to CreateSpace.

It took a lot more work than I’d anticipated, but the end result is that I’ve ordered some proofing copies.

If traditional publishing doesn’t pan out, I’ll publish the book myself.

If you want to know more about the project, I’ve posted several chapters of Prophecy of Power: Quarry online.

Cover art for Prophecy of Power: Quarry

Cartoon image of Les Petersen as a gunslinger.

Professional cover artist (and good mate of mine) Les Petersen has done an amazing cover for my (as yet unpublished) epic fantasy novel.

I’m shopping the novel around for a publisher at the moment, so seeing something like this is inspiring beyond measure.

Bookcover of a man and a woman overlooking a valley.
Bookcover by Les Petersen

Cartoon image of Les Petersen as a gunslinger.Les didn’t ask for a plug, but how could I not?

Although currently rebuilding his website, he’s managed to post a few of his more recent images along with his contact details if you’re looking to hire a fantastic cover artist for your self-published novel. Check out Les Petersen’s website.

Otherwise, why don’t you take a few minutes and read a couple of my published short stories which I’ve reproduced here on my website?


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