Visibility for your book

I often use this blog as a way of getting things straight in my head. Today’s no different, and lately I’ve been researching book marketing. Marketing is one of those necessary evils most writers consider even less appealing than mixing nuclear waste with fresh sewage and catapulting it at … Continue reading

Conflux 11 – Are You Attending?

Conflux this year is set to be amazing - four full days of convention goodness designed for writers of all levels of experience. Karen, Leife and the Committee have done an amazing job of organising events, panels, workshops, and guests, not to mention wrangling a ridiculous number of people to … Continue reading

GenreCon 2013 Roundup

I spent the last weekend at GenreCon in sunny Brisbane. Brisbane is incredibly pleasant for such a big city – at least where I was staying at South Bank. Clean and tidy, open and airy, they've put a lot of effort into making the riverfront appealing, including a rainforest walk, a free … Continue reading