Cover art for Prophecy of Power: Quarry

Cartoon image of Les Petersen as a gunslinger.

Professional cover artist (and good mate of mine) Les Petersen has done an amazing cover for my (as yet unpublished) epic fantasy novel.

I’m shopping the novel around for a publisher at the moment, so seeing something like this is inspiring beyond measure.

Bookcover of a man and a woman overlooking a valley.
Bookcover by Les Petersen

Cartoon image of Les Petersen as a gunslinger.Les didn’t ask for a plug, but how could I not?

Although currently rebuilding his website, he’s managed to post a few of his more recent images along with his contact details if you’re looking to hire a fantastic cover artist for your self-published novel. Check out Les Petersen’s website.

Otherwise, why don’t you take a few minutes and read a couple of my published short stories which I’ve reproduced here on my website?


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